Friday, April 11, 2014


Those high school kids burned to death next to the Black Butte landmark in California on the same day that Barack Obama was speaking at LBJ's Gordon B Hinckley style library down in Austin [Martin] Texas. ~ ~ Therefore, Austin Powers just had a new baby girl named Sunday, etc. ~ ~ No coincidence that the day before the FED-X inferno those new prep-school reception pix of Michael Douglas and Harvey Weinstein rolled out on J2, at: ~ ~ Right there is Orland, which means 'gold land' for 1964's GOLDFINGER grand-slam plot to take down the new 666 beast's unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Remember, Hitler rose to power when the 1930s socialist marxist union workers got tired of the first European Union's economic and social tyranny. ~ ~ Think FDR's New Deal meets Clyde Lewis et al's long held belief that the New Deal and the Great Society were a good thing. And so now they are all worried to death that some new Nazi movement is going to appear in America that is going to destroy their previous new 666 beast; who they worship above all else. ~ ~ Because nowadays, nobody can be on the radio with their buying and selling talk shows unless they have the 666 mark of the beast on their foreheads and in their hands. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN VIRGINS PROPHECY NOTES: Interstate 5 is a long time ten virgins landmark that stands for the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins. In other words, half of them are going to believe that the new and improved FDR/LBJ/JFK/MLK Letterman beast is already here. And the other half are still going to be looking for some new CIRCUS CIRCUS Hitler clown figure who has risen up from the dead; until it is too late. And then the foolish morons will be all locked out for security reasons. ~ ~ COWBOY KING NOTES: That white rancher in Nevada lives near Gold Butte and Black Butte, next to the Muddy Mtns. For the prophetic muddy anal sex homosexual scenario in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Wherein the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it possible that an illegal alien negro homosexual could finally end up taking over in the Washington, Dick Whyte House of Senator Reid et al. ~ ~ Of course, right there is the deep Grand Canyon divide's Valley of Fire state park. For the fiery explosion on I-5 that was about the historic divide that my trusty sidekick has caused to happen. ~ ~ I never could have done it without him.

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