Thursday, April 17, 2014


Making a successful indie film about my hero in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE who thinks that he is the actual real born again Napoleon, is the same thing as climbing into a CESSNA 172 and flying it to the moon. ~ ~ Which is why most of today's prideful self-righteous Mormons have no real comprehension about what a Hollywood movie miracle from god is. ~ ~ For example, most of today's faux born again Christians don't believe that Jesus was married, and that he loved to fuck his many [religious sex-cult] wives. ~ ~ So now comes the time when you all get to get fucked in the ass for having so little faith in the word of God in ISAIAH 4. ~ ~ As explained in the modern day revelations at which most wanna be Christian mormons reject. People who don't believe in really hot fucking will be sent to an eternal christian cathedral heaven fantasy-world where there is no fucking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASTING NOTES: If I were you, I would take a cue from those new pix of Leo DiCaprio strolling on the sandy beach with some island babe in Bora Bora. Since that prophetic Harry Potter plants sailing ship in 62's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY was 91' long. And why not? ~ ~ For example, see Gisele Bundchen's new thematic Tahiti bikini pictorial at: ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANNISTON: You want it? You got it. ~ ~ Once you hand over to me my 10% cash money at that coffee shop in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, it's a done deal. ~ ~ SECRET NOTE: An earthquake shook the exclusive area where I currently have one of my secret mutiny hideouts in England; as reported at: ~ ~ Catch me if you can.

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