Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Everybody needs to hurry up and make their inspired erotic indie fuck films that they always dreamed about making, before it is too late. ~ ~ Because THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO window is now closing in on the era when everybody gets to fuck anybody they want, even if they are "married". Yeah right. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: I just found this new posting from yesterday in my "draft" backup; so I thought, fuck it, and hit the 'UPDATE' icon. ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, there is no giving and taking in marriage, i.e no DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE. ~ ~ PANIC NOTES: Don't panic everybody. I figure that the three woes scenario in REV.11 should give us at least a ten years grace period to fuck our brains out. Before Glenn Beck et al finally wise up enough and gain enough strength to get the upper hand in the prophetic latter day saints outline in REV.12; Frank Capra style. Wherein a fully healed Bruce Troxell et al get to make all of those G Rated movies that they always wanted to make. And I get to pay for them. ~ ~ NYLE SMITH NOTES: If you google map the post office photos in Salem, Utah, where they mail out all those home study copies of the 2BC, you should see me getting a helping hand from one of my younger wives. Who is seen wearing an orange NURSE BETTY gown on the side of some small European type delivery van; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ As promised to me in 2BC 91, after ten years of diligent home study with the School of Prophets, I will no longer have to be living alone. ~ ~ For example, Emma Watson has just completed her Internet home study degree from Brown University; that will be awarded to her this spring, 2014. ~ ~ According to all those red clay Harry Potter pot icons in 1961-1962's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY prophecy. Wherein the middle-aged SAILOR DOG men finally get to fuck all those young virgins, after all their suffering upon the high seas of REV.13:1.

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