Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You know that the above 1980s Ronald Reagan actor tv show sensation was a prophecy about the time when Hawaii's corrupt cocaine user [no.44] would be in the White House; when you see Orson Welles' scarlet FERRARI bearing it's famous horse logo next to it's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY date of 5.6 E. ~ ~ Per Larry Sinclair's well documented book about him sucking on Obama's cock while he sucked on the cocaine pipe. ~ ~ And then Joe Biden leaned on his AG son in Delaware to arrest Sinclair at some DC press conference. ~ ~ Which was about as dumb as any one of the 8-season show's tv scripts. ~ ~ Ergo, those two black skinny attack dogs in the series had Greek god names. For today's skinny Greek homosexual leader in the Greek Columns White House who is also black. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIRTY HARRY NOTES: The 1980s tv show named MAGNUM P.I. was a take on Dirty Harry's iconic "loose cannon" 44 magnum movies. See: ~ ~ Which always opened with a montage that featured Higgins firing off a symbolic cannon. ~ ~ The series' very first 1980 episode had the tall half-Jewish Tom Selleck plotting a three-way with those two hot super-model blondes from Brazil with European accents, etc.

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