Wednesday, April 23, 2014


After seeing those new pix of Taylor Swift at a flower market in NYC, I decided to watch my new 50th Anniversary edition of NORTH BY NORTHWEST; which I found a week or so ago at WAL*MART for 3.97. ~ ~ Taylor Mtn. is just west northwest of Rt.29's Beaverhead Pass across the state line that forms the prophetic silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock and all that. ~ ~ Located exactly north by northwest of my favorite rainbow trout spring creek in the whole wide world. ~ ~ So I got pretty excited when I saw Cary Grant sit down at Amber Heard's dinner car table on her very same birthday and order the brook trout on her recommendation. ~ ~ You think I'm kidding? ~ ~ It's the same place where Ken McLeod's father always took him hunting for big fat [Democrat Party] mule deer every year using the two 9mm German rifles that his tall Jewish Scottish father had brought back with him from WW II. ~ ~ Basically, NORTH BY NORTHWEST is a prophecy about my rich Israel brothers in NYC who have been placing all of those GSR/TWN advertisements for the past 20 years. Wherein he takes the no.4044 train to Barack Obama's Chicago in pursuit of today's secretive no.44 secret agent who is the double agent one who has been assigned by g-d to assassinate the new 666 beast. ~ ~ Who was miraculously resurrected and born again after WW II; thanks to those two very talented comedians, David Letterman and Glenn Beck; etc. etc. Not to mention Heber C Kimball and Gordon B Hinckley et al. Which would also include the last Popes in Rome going back to the religious and political reformations of the 19666s. That was driven by the international marxist Jewish conspiracy that drove Adolf Hitler completely mad. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH LIMBAUGH NOTES: Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 prophecy ends with Amber Heard getting rescued at the Mt Rushmore monument to the four REV.17 horses of the apocalypse in REV.11, 12, 13. Which is located among the prophetic 7 Black Hills of South Dakota that represent the time when there would be a sodomite black man who is their Egyptian style Greek homosexual ruler. ~ ~ MONEY MATTERS NOTES: Hey VV. Wanna make a quick killing? Buy some really huge restored historic property in downtown Chicago and then take out the most lucrative earthquake insurance policy on it that you can find. Which would not be that hard to do; since everybody in today's world of high finance would think that you are an absolutely crazy sucker to be spending that kind of money on property insurance. ~ ~ I mean think about. ~ ~ Your wife is already a well respected real estate agent in the Chicago area. Which means that you could probably pick up some typically trendy $10,000,000 property for less than 5% cash money down. And then when it burns down to the ground in an earthquake you collect on the insurance. ~ ~ Think I'm crazy? A guy with your local fame and celebrity status quo could quickly barrow the aforementioned minuscule downpayment on easy terms and probably cash in big time without putting out one red cent from your own pocket. Of course, I get ten percent in the deal. ~ ~ Just like you promised to me in that alternative gay ass ending to your thematically entitled movie called THE BREAKUP.

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