Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The continuing 'plan B' nature of the fluctuating Obamacare law is what the new born again over-and-over beast is all about in REV.13. ~ ~ Which is why I have been receiving so much inspiration from g-d on this blog regarding the many upcoming remakes and sequels for such GSR/TWN cult movies as THE BIG LEWBOWSKI and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, etc. ~ ~ Not to mention TAXI DRIVER and SHAMPOO. ~ ~ Therefore there was an 8.2 day 1290 earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea in THE LIFE AQUATIC on the 19th anniversary of GROUND ZERO RADIO. In confirmation of Dr.Noah's April Fools Day birthday in CASINO ROYALE. Where Woody [Norris] bangs the huge eye icon copper gong that represented the largest copper mine in the world located in Chile. Right as Gisele Bundchen was arriving down there with her precious gem REV.12 baby in her arms. ~ ~ Ergo, all those symbolic giant niggers in the NBA over 4.6 are going to die. Because that was the fate of all those giants in the days of Noah, according to the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: That day 1290 8.2 earthquake in Chile freed 300 prisoners of the 666 beast for that "300" [BOOK OF MORMON] movie about the sons of Israel rebelling against the ancient times 666 beasts outlined in DANIEL. This being the two witnesses' REV.16 earthquake in Chinatown, Chicago that finally let's all the white people in America go free. ~ ~ Hillary Clinton is originally from the suburban white oak trees area of Chicago, and she originally campaigned for Arizona's secret Jewish gay rights supporter Barry Goldwater, and all that.

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