Friday, March 10, 2017


Episode no.33 is called MR.BEVIS. ~ Which features yours truly; a classic car buff; a guy living in a small cluttered room: a young at heart man building a model [Noah's Ark] of the USS CONSTITUTION; who has a stuffed groundhog replica of his own private movie entitled GROUNDHOG DAY on his desk at work in the WALKER BLD. ~ Whom or who eventually ends up driving a mint condition AUSTIN HEALEY in 2017 with '... 500' plates, like in this three-way portrait at: ~ And then the next [June 10th, 1960] episode revolves around a sexy short blond hair babe in THE AFTER HOURS. ~ Coming right on time for Scarlett Johansson's latest dazed and confuzed promotional gig on SNL for her new three-way movie at: ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NK: Miss White's enclosed 3114 NK sexy car plate is for you baby. ~ Some critics may claim that your reserved acting style is a bit too wooden. ~ Which is tantamount to saying that Orson Welles' acting was always over the top. ~ MTV/NYT/NBC SHITHEAD NOTES: By now we all know that the BEAVIS & BUTT HEAD episode about casting for fish outside of their WINDOWS 8 metaphor was a private prophecy about Kit Winn and Greg Relf coming of age along 16th Ave. N.E. in Seattle's U-District. ~ When we see that I get a new British sports car at 8:58 in the above early 1960s pre-hippie beatnick culture episodes, like at: ~ 2BC NOTES: According to the Old Testament, white Israelite men are forbidden to marry negro gentile women. ~ Howerever, in the meantime, they can enter into a concubine arrangement with them in order to provide more delightfully light skinned, and more civilized and tamed slave children for the master. ~ And then when a negro woman finally finds out who her negro husband is; the white man is no longer allowed to touch her. ~ Ergo, the laws of adultery and fornication are applied equally to everyone; regardless of race, color, or language. ~ PS HALLE BARREY: I only bring this up right now because the Jews have run out of ammo on the Russian propaganda gossip columns blogger front. ~ Therefore, now they need something new to keep the screenplay drama happening for both of us to stay interested enough in it for the next 69/70 weeks. ~ Nothing worse than a tall dark and handsome man fucking you who gets too excited and shoots his wad too early. ~

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