Sunday, March 19, 2017


I do not subscribe to that old tired direct-response tv infomercial pitch man theory that something would be funny if it was not so true. ~ On the contrary; the more true, the funnier it gets is what I always say. ~ For example, that is Miley Cyrus herself who is often seen sitting on the classroom front row in the BREAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon prophecies. ~ Even that same babe with the blond ERASOR HEAD [no.2 yellow school pencil] hairdo and the soft shoulder look. ~ Ergo, the MTV series' running 'nachos' joke about the food and fare of Babylon that leads to children being born with bipolar schizophrenia 'corn holer' behavior issues. ~ "You're a funny guy." David Lynch to Jay Leno, circa 1993. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WALKATHON CHARITY NOTES: In the WALKATHON carton, I have to walk thousands of miles along Hwy.410 until the second coming of Jesus Christ in REV.11. ~ Do the math yourself; I have been walking around about three miles a day, every day, for the last 23 years; often times in the middle of the night during the summer months. ~ And I AM is still up to my neck in personal transgression debts that I don't have the money to pay off. ~ For Christ's sake, I still owe Nyle Smith's long suffering widow around $900 in back rent, plus interest, going way back to 1.11... ~ PS WOODY: Everyone of those rich polite society Republicans in Utah who refuses to give me 10% of their money will die off from some long term warefare X-5 virus germ [Toolele, Ut] warware plague. ~

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