Saturday, March 4, 2017


America's long suffering Jewish problem at the NYT etc. is exactly what it means about Judah bugging Ephraim in ISAIAH 11:13. ~ Therefore, God caused Donald Trump to be elected President as a part of his last [1290] days two witnesses strategic plan to put an end to it. ~ Wherein the Jews themselves are forced to wear a mock royal crown of thorns; and they themselves are hung up on the very same [Jesus loves you] Nixonian Orange County cross of pain and suffering; circa MARK 13. ~ "You get what you pay for." Old Jewish saying. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY NOTES: So for some reason you find yourself staying in a nice hotel mini suite room in St.Petersburg, Florida. ~ And you happen to see in the room's tourist guidebook that there is a local museum full of original genuine surreal Salvadori Dali paintings right down the block from where you are staying. ~ Obviously, created by some wealthy retired Jew down there who got so bored with his life that he decided to have a little fun with his surplus monies before his time would run out. ~ NEW READERS: The Grand Canyon divide in Arizona is a two witnesses era LANDMARK THEATERS indie film prophecy. ~ For when THE TWILIGHT ZONE no.23 time would come in NURSE BETTY:II that the completely dazed and zoned out Miss Zellweger [female voter] would finally wake up and come to her senses. ~

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