Wednesday, March 22, 2017


With a funny last name like Comey...The day after his hearing in DC, I came across the FEEL A COP political cartoon on my 1260 days period BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD collection. ~ Based upon that future Jewvenile hijinks Russian dossier about Donald Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on the same bed where Barack Obama had slept. ~ Works for me anyway. ~ And the above Mr.Anderson type cartoon cop with a negro boy sidekick in this prophetic wiretapping conspiacy theory 13 cent comic book allegory is an amazing [6'8"] James Comey look alike at: And of course, when you try to make up stuff just to entrap people, it usually never turns out very good in the end. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FULL DISCLOSURE NOTES: The $50 for a fuck and suck in the above MTV/SNL/NBC episode represents the 50th State of Hawaii; where my future wife Angeline Lilly lives half of the time. ~ Ergo, 97% of the Jewish lawyer government employees at the DOJ vote Democrat. ~ Ergo, FEEL A COP opens with the half Jews in the media cheering on the 1984 surveillance state. ~ George [W] Orwell was a confused socialist half Jew and all of that stuff. ~ PS TRUMP: I don't like Gorsuch so much because he claims that he does not care a wit about politics. ~ Can't we find somebody else out there who is more smart about what is going on these days? ~

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