Friday, March 3, 2017


That gator with a yuuge ditch carp in his JAWS at some CADDYSHACK Trump club golf course in St. Petersburg, Florida is about the St.Petersburg Russians saying that the new Cold War Russian hysteria is nothing but a fishing expedition, at: ~ "Only the Jews and the French eat carp." ~ Leslie Winn, 1969. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CONSTANTLY CARPING ABOUT IT NOTES: Actually, a good muddy pond carp soup in a salty and musky turnip and leek vegetable broth can be pretty tasty. ~ Only to be found these days at your local one STARBUCKS rated restaurant in the northern French countryside areas of English Normandy and German Lorraine. ~ Not to be confused with a great water crest broth served ahead of your crispy Canadian bacon grease pan fried fennel herb trout in a drawn butter sauce and virgin veal roast. ~

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