Saturday, March 11, 2017

1986 IT 4 NOW ANYWAY...

The last typically prophetic and inspired [36 year-olds] no.36 episode of TWILIGHT ZONE's debut season is about a [big guy] red-eye state elephant putting a stop to Keira Knightley's dazed and confused and half awake female voter who lacks faith in man. ~ [The Donald often sounding like he didn't get enough sleep last night, or the night before.] ~ Wherein she metaphorically gets 86ed at the end. ~ And then she is born again in 1985. ~ All is which is confirmed by that Dutch [GOLDMEMBER/HEINIGEN BEER] room-divider map of Australia that features the yuuuge vagina compass that Cate Blanchett claims to have hidden somewhere up deep inside of her vagina. ~ Plus, Gregory also does away with the historic show's short 5'4" Jewish liberal creator in the end; circa the two administrations of Donald Trump. ~ YOURS TRULY, GSR/TWN NOTES: My own private Hollywood family rated movie block buster sensation called THE DA VINCI CODE, co-starring Tom Hanks, lines up directly with me being sealed to my own private BRANCH DAVIDIAN family for all eternity in the Canada Hanna Montana temple on THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1957. ~ When my own private 1951 era temple in Los Angeles was closed for the 1776 holiday. ~ PS CHUCK SHUMER: You are the poster boy for America's Jewish problem. ~ A yuuge problem that is only going to get worse until you and your ilk at the NYT decide to finally give it up and go away and leave the rest of us alone. ~

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