Friday, March 17, 2017


I was watching BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD's cartoon about those country club Republicans in the Dallas, Texas area needing to get more balls, called MR.ANDERSON'S BALLS, when I suddenly noticed that Mr.Anderson was wearing green socks. ~ And it was St.Patrick's Day; and the DOW did a -19.93 1260 days confirmation of the cartoon series' de butt in 1993 on MTV; and your typical Donald Trump type CADDYSHACK golf courses always have 18 greens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STARBUCKS NOTES: That stupid looking blond kid found a 7.44 coffee bean diamond in Arkansas in confirmation of my NYT newspaper dude posting, at: ~ Estimated to be worth a cool $1,000,000 due to it's rare dark chocolate color, size and shape ~ [Think DELIVERANCE meets KISS'N COUSINS.] ~ The meteorite creek golf course site being located off of HWY.70, in DANIEL 9 and all that shit. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: You got physically harassed by the 6'5" ape man at an Italian pasta sauce joint in the same area where Woody Allen shot BLUE JASMINE [My blue jazz.] on the same day that Barack Obama arrived down in the South Seas region where you spent your prime years searching for the fountain of youth. ~ Sometimes a good shit happens for a good reason. ~ IDIOT NOTES: In the above George W. country club golf course political cartoon parody, those three muddy golf balls get washed clean for a symbolic representation of the three woes in REV.11. ~ SUPREME JUSTICE NOTES: I do not like the weak and polite way that Gorsuch looks. ~ Too much girly George Bush Jr. with weak back surgery problems and not enough strong Camille Paglia wife type support from a woman who has a strong enough spine to take it. ~

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