Thursday, March 9, 2017


When those white Ephraimite guys at WIKILEAKS say that the Russians did not do it. ~ And then like a clockwork orange, the Jews in the media say that the White Russians actually did do it. ~ One has to face the obvious [fake birth certificate] fact that there must be something it, like at: ~ AND: ~ Jesus Christ guys! ~ "Oh come on!.. I'm not that controversial." Truman [Rhymes with Trump] Capote, circa 1959-1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SJ: Back before that dam started to disintegrate in Sacramento, California's gold rush country, I dreamed that I encountered a very sad looking Jennifer Garner sitting on the lip of it's overflow spillway. ~ Then out of the blue you walked up and asked if I was the guy that you were supposed to meet there; via some social media dating hook-up site. ~ And so I took one surprizing look at you and said, "Uh...yeah". ~ But you could see in my face that I was only kidding you because I loved the way that you looked, and so you left. ~ However, when I went over to the dam's proper irrigation viaduct; you suddenly came up to me again with a warm and sexy smile on your face. ~ Talk about today's dazed and confused female voters, circa no later than 2007-2008. ~ Think CHINATOWN meets LA STORY; co-starring Steve Martin and a rather older looking horn dog figure in Jack Nicholson. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FFING NOTES: Somehow, Jennifer Anniston and I are going to half to team up and find a way to get through to her make believe Trump supporter husband Justin Thereaux. ~ I like Trump. ~ He likes Trump. ~ She likes Trump. ~ Somehow, someway, all three of us are going to have to find a way to get threw this situation. ~

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