Monday, March 20, 2017


BREAKING NEWS: The FBI is reporting that they found Tom Brady's no.12 SUPERBOWL jersey that was stolen by those same Russian state media operatives who stole the 2016 election. ~ Brady being a yuuuge Trump supporter and all of that 1996 CONSPIACY THEORY bullshit, at: ~ Note the enclosed physically transfigured Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. ~ Which is why they will be paying me the big bucks. ~ If I agree to let them live to see another day and act in another super cool Hollywood motion picture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ B.B. NOTES: The special 1260 days period BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon called PREMATURE EVACULATION gives us a pretty good look at the series' prophetic Miley Cyrus look alike character. ~ Ergo, you might want to check the cartoon about Beavis banging on a drum and ranting about taking a wrecking ball to today's public education 666 matrix. ~ VIEWER DISCRETION NOTES: For the past 8 years the FBI has been looking the other way regarding Barack Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. ~ That is still being posted on an official federal government web site. ~ Therefore, one has to take whatever they say over there with a huge grain of salt. ~ TWILIGHT NOTES: I was inspired to take a break from THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and do BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD until the end of this season's NBC/SNL/MTV programming; with the full assurance from g-d that I can get right back to it after it all ends in April, 2017. ~ Meanwhile, you may want to watch A PASSAGE FOR A [Donald] TRUMPET that has the future Crown of England stumbling out of a pub in Seattle's Pioneer Square blues night club district, circa 1993, at: ~ Think, SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER meets M.A.S.H. since both of these Jewish FDR communist propaganda films came out around the same period for a reason. ~

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