Saturday, March 25, 2017


Judah is the soft principled and more child-like element that gives Ephraim's hard ass iron rod of Jesse more strength in the long run. ~ Which is why Donald Trump is the masked Jewish 007 spy [double agent] leader of today's hard truth white man Ephraimite Republicans. ~ Therefore, there is nothing wrong with that. ~ Which is why the Republicans will now hold complete power over what is left of 2/3's of America for as far as the eye can see. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD UP NOTES: Last night Mike told me to hury up and finish my B.B. [MTV SNL NBC] series posts and get right back to THE TWILIGHT ZONE's second season episodes. ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Is there any reason in the world why you could not hit the gym and lose a few pounds and be as good as that 56 year-old James Bond in A VIEW TO A KILL?.. [Possibly the best 007 movie ever made, next to GREASE:II.] ~ Like at: ~ You know the one that I AM is talking about? ~ That features a blond Donald Trump billionaire Russian plant who looks like a physically transfigured Ken Keisler? ~ Who last I heard, is still in the iron rod gates of hell Russian import steel fences business in the Bay Area. ~ So how about we try this very novel and original screenplay idea? ~ Both Pierce Brosnan and you have Irish names that nobody can ever remember how to correctly spell. ~ So how about you two co-star in some JAMES BOND movie with a boat load of underaged hotties on location at Marlon Brando's private island?. ~ That is if you two really and truly want to get in on my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL in Vancouver, BC. ~ Seriously. ~ This is the real deal. ~ Check it out. ~ Even the ex husband of Amber Heard wants in on this. ~

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