Tuesday, March 7, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE's no.26 suddenly blasts the future violent sounding tones of Donald Trump when a blond Ken Keisler type Trumpet supporter gets hanged from a BRANCH DAVIDIAN genealogy tree in Montana. ~ In confirmation of today's scared shitless suicidal [Judas] Jews in New York City who are still trying to crucify Jesus, and hang Joseph [Smith] up on a wooden cross, ISAIAH 11 style. ~ Then the futurist American MIDNIGHT COWBOY President wakes up inside of Tom Hanks' 1960s era of born again fascism and multi billionaire hippie kids. ~ Wherein a 'disquieted' Tom Hanks does not like the looks of Donald Trump. ~ And for the record, he registers your typical Russian Cold War warning on his Japanese tape recorder that says "And heaven help whoever gets in his way." ~ Then in the end, a short ethnic illegal alien type role plays your typical Democrat Party thug, who believes in robbing Peter to pay Paul [Johnson] ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: Last I heard, Keisler has extensive import/export business dealings with the Russians. ~ TIMED OUT WARPED NOTES: In the latest LDS CHURCH NEWS, it says that the answer to today's Grand Canyon divide is John McCain type political compromise. ~ [Read surrender in the face of victory.] ~ Circa Viet Nam, 1973. ~

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