Monday, March 6, 2017


Until I see a direct quote on live unedited retro television tv video of a person who looks like Steven Speilberg saying that he is going to make a tired old newspaper man PENTAGON PAPERS remade story with the likes of Tom Hanks, and that aging over-rated [Greek Islands] star of MAMA MIA; I'll file this one under my fake news lying sack of shit Barack Obama birth certificate sports section, circa: ~ AND:: ~ After all, God knows that the same dirty Jew bastard child rats who killed Jesus have been behind the buggering of Donald Trump ever since day one. ~ Which is the main reason why today's fed up white Christian people voted him into office in the first place. ~ "Can I get a hallelujah here?.. What?.. Nothing?.. Not even a giggle?.. Tough sub." Dr.Evil, AP:4. ~ Looks like somebody has some daddy issues. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MISS STREEP: You're still pretty good, but not this good anymore, like at: ~ Obviously, you will be too old, and too fat, and too unattractive, to have any impact on the reelection process of President Trump in 2020. ~ Which is where the original physically transfigured and defrosted pizza 007 swinger movie in the future takes place. ~ Think AUSTIN POWERS:II meets the sequel entitled IN LIKE FLYNT. ~ Wherein Hillary Clinton's feminazi plans to take over the world during the Russian Cold War in 2016 are completely thwarted by a man on the radio. ~ Austin's Swedish pump penis device being a prophecy about today's Swedish government that is completely run by women. ~ Ergo, Woody Allen's obsession with low budget Swedish indie films in the 1970s. ~

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