Thursday, March 2, 2017


Last night I noted that TWILIGHT ZONE no.22 is followed up by a very tantalizing teaser by Rod Serling about an actor in no.23 who has trouble separating the truth between his surreal make believe movie roles and his very realistic reaccuring nightmares. ~ And when I woke up the next day, I saw that Tom Hanks has donated a STARBUCKS espresso machine to the White House fake news press corps. ~ Talk about art imitating life. ~ And I have not even seen it yet. ~ Now I AM is not kidding here. ~ Hanks looks like your typical Republican church going George W. Bush naive WWII vet idiot in Glenn Beck's Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas twin cities area. ~ Yet underneath that down home mainstream middle America wholesome face; he is a filthy dirty decadent supporter of reformed nice guy fascism and reformed decent guy homosexual perversion. ~ And I would bet dollars to donuts that he has not seen the inside of a typical CHURCH OF CHRIST white man's church on any given Sunday in decades. ~ "Their white coffee cups look clean on the outside. ~ But on the inside, they are filthy and dirty." Jesus. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE MAN UTAH READERS: Espresso coffee is made by pressing the tasty juicy oils out of whole roasted sun-dried coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia, and South America. ~

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