Monday, March 27, 2017


Episode 41 has yours truly locked up at the Wolfing's old Scottish castle mansion up in the Beverly Hills highlands of Hollywood. ~ Located high above a small and peacefull little post WWIII [Germanic Hebrew high-shift] village called Schwarzenegger; a.k.anyway... My own 2BC:91 surname Relf means 'powerful howling wolf' in the old world tongue. ~ Which means that I will be the King of England because it is my right by birth. ~ Wherein that lost and naive American Christian Israelite fool sets me free from the abominable Bible Belt church; and I immediately turn into my rather charming and unholy sidekick with horns on his butt-head, named Barack Obama. ~ And of course, when the girls see that, it drives them crazy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAN B NOTES: The idea of the bisexual Paul Allen giving the bisexual Brad Pitt a cool billion to make any ten James Bond movies that he wants too; ergo his own private Idaho THE BIG LEBOWSKI movie entries in my own private 007 film festival are designed to free up my own private [fly fishing] time with a minimum of personal distractions. ~ "I'm not a hands-on evil dictator kind of guy..." Dr.Evil in AP:III. ~ "I'm a big believer in delegating authority..." Donald Trump. ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: You too can get in on this. ~ Heck, Daniel Craig is just about as bald as you are by now. ~ PS ROB LOWE: With your fantastic head of hair still being there, you might want to make your 007 movie debut look more like like something based on the original THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, as opposed to the remake sequel starring Bruce Willis. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Of course, there will be a LAST TANGO IN PARIS wet T-shirt look alike competition that you will love to watch over and over again at my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL side bar venues in Victoria, BC, like at: ~ Believe it, I AM is no more interested in shaming and humiliating myself than you are. ~ Also see: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ Don't worry, if we can't get Woody Allen or Gus Van Sant to direct, I'll put it on the back burner and see if Paul Nestor would consider doing it after his next project. ~

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