Friday, November 1, 2013


In my own private 1975 England prophecy, Barry Lyndon marries the wealthy Keira Knightley princess of Israel after Sir Charles dies. ~ ~ In the end, the country's neo homosexual Lords of High Society banish me, the rogue polygamist, to Ireland. Where I just continue where I started. Fucking the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Carey Mulligan, and their lost tribes of Israel sisters too. Not to mention Natalie Merchant. ~ ~ With only one leg to stand on. ~ ~ Fortunately, like in the Divinely inspired cinematic masterpieces made by the Jews of Jesus, there will be a second coming sequel. ~ ~ You can bet on it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' NOTES: That crazy ass shooter at LAX was confirmation of the prophetic message in 2006's SMOKIN' ACES prophecy. Wherein that crazy GSR/TWN karate kid is wearing my sidekick's rising-sun political logo on his scarred forehead. ~ ~ TCB NOTES: Of course, Obama Gate is Water Gate times 100000000000000000000000; see: ~ ~ When one considers that even the Mormon church is involved. ~ ~ PRIESTHOOD CONFIRMATION NOTES: Here is the latest news report that confirms that 6,666,666 Jews were murdered by the Ephraimite looking Nazis because the Jews worship the same suicidal 666 idol as they do, at: ~ ~ And this includes Glenn Beck et al in I-35 Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Just because you are afraid of the truth, it does not mean that the truth is afraid of you. ~ ~ SIDE NOTE: Check out this image of my karate kid sidekick sitting on the mellow yellow throne of Jesus at: ~ ~ You fail to do your duty to God and Country, the King of England takes over the Church of England, suspending all your so-called "human rights" for five years. For a doomed five virgins thing. ~ ~ PERSONAL ELIZABETH HURLEY LETTER: In the BARRY LYNDON prophecy, I end up holding all the aces, with no money to speak of in my pockets.

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