Thursday, November 7, 2013


THE WANTED's Ms Grande is a very talented young actress from Florida with a great singing voice. But here's the problem; she miraculously looks like she just turned 15. And none of her new world domination fans read your piece of shit liberal newspapers, magazines, and blogs. ~ ~ In other words, you can't stop her. Because you had become so deceived by the day 1290 abomination of desolation. Who is not even a legal citizen of the United States. ~ ~ Never trust anyone over 23 is starting to sound like the new order to me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' CONFIRMATION: This underground 666 mob politician from Obama's Colorado looks a lot like Mr Heller in SMOKIN' ACES, at: ~ ~ Since every Republican Party wanna be politician out there who refuses to speak openly about Obama's fake birth certificate, is a de facto member of the La Cosa Nostra's omertà syndicate. Hence that Rush Limbaugh look alike with a Miami, Cuba cigar in his mouth in the 2006 SMOKIN' ACES prophecy about Micheal Medved at 7:14, etc. etc. ~ ~ THIS HOLIDAY NOTES: I finally picked up a copy of 2006's THE HOLIDAY movie Thursday. Because it looked like some kind of an inspired swingers FFing metaphor. Plus, the 2-4-1 DVD has CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS on the backside. Never saw that one coming either. ~ ~ Check out this promotional image of Steven Fresh's camelhair overcoat, circa 1986, at:

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