Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last night, I dreamed that some nigger bitch who sounded like Oprah threatened to kill me. But I calmly reminded her that I AM is bulletproof, since no nigger can kill an invisible white man who he/she can not see. And even if she/he thinks that he/she can see me, it would only be my look alike Hollywood stand-in. So shut your big fat deli sandwich cow tongue on brown mustard with rye before my Irish Catholic temper flairs up and I have to cut it out for you. See: ~ ~ Note the Jesus Christ 4.6 crucifixion time-stamp on the enclosed wiki link. ~ ~ "I'm about to [foot] ball this!" says my crazy Japanese karate kid sidekick in SMOKIN' ACES meets THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. If the fainthearted sons of Israel don't start to speak up about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephaim. Not to mention Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and confirmed use of a stolen [42 months numbered] Social Security number. ~ ~ As in that chocolate rat face image posted on Wednesday's ~ ~ In confirmation of ROSEMARY'S BABY being a prophetic allegory about Obama's young Jewish white mother mating with a dark 666 JFK civil rights era devil figure from Africa, who is Catholic. ~ ~ GSR/TWN/TWO ~ ~ BLACK RAT MEDIA NOTES: Some in the corrupt liberal media have had enough; and are now starting to suggest outloud that it is high time to legally crack down on all the Internet blog liars out there, per: ~ ~ Sounds good to me. How about we have what's left of the FBI raid the birth registry offices in Hawaii and arrest everybody involved? ~ ~ ALL OF THEM ARE WITCHES NOTES: That female Democrat who was hit in the back of the head in DC, Abraham Lincoln meets JFK style, is about all those gangs of niggers running around knocking out half Jewish white people in Brooklyn, NYC. Because most of the same semi white people had voted for my trusty half Jew sidekick at least two times. As in modern day Israel is about to get it's [666,666,666] heart cut out, SMOKIN' ACES style. ~ ~ YES I CAN NOTES: One of those two witches in ROSEMARY'S BABY sits her fat ass down on Sammy Davis Jr's triumph-of-the-will book; and starts knitting up a storm just like Julia Roberts has been doing on set between takes during her entire career. ~ ~ For example, see the latest '125' Indian medicine wheel time-stamp sign here, before some lying liberal jerk bitch tries to fix it, at: ~ ~ Note the 2003 movie link's angry "Chapman" reference. ~ ~ THIRTY SECONDS ORGASM MOVIE NOTES: This one should give everybody some basic background context and understanding about the new born again 666 beast in REV.13, SLC, Utah. Which should help explain why the vast majority of today's military vets are born again third way FDR fascists, at: ~ ~ No wonder the Mormon church is now being dominated by a retired socialist pilot from Germany.

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