Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Jerry Seinfeld is that transfigured jerk who we see right after Gerald Rivera finally admits that the cat has got his tongue in the end credits of my unauthorized bio-pic movie, entitled; THE BOONDOCK SAINTS ~ ~ I'll have an onion bagel with cream cheese to go with my restored 1972 VELOCE too Jerry. And make it snappy. ~ ~ Because the longer you make me wait for it out here in the boondocks, the more it will cost you. ~ ~ I survived on two bagels with salmon lox cream cheese for two bucks a day when I was crashing on Kenny Kemp's loft in LA during the late 1980s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: If Terry has just too many family finance obligations right now, perhaps you could step in and take care of my Sundance Film Festival love shack log cabin arrangements. ~ ~ Don't forget, there is definitely something in it for you too, if you know what I mean. ~ ~ On the other hand, don't feel too pressured. Good things take time. ~ ~ Ornella Fresh just got enough in her recent divorce settlement from Steven Fresh that she can afford to have me stay at her place. Which would be my first choice anyway. ~ ~ PS STEVE: I tipped you off in the 80s about that sweet ass trout creek off of I-80 on the way up to Park City. Which your brother and your father checked out and confirmed in confirmation of my royal coachman trout fly king of England status. ~ ~ Cheer up buddy. You name the price, I buy it for you. Money means nothing to a guy who has as much money as God.

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