Tuesday, November 19, 2013


That crazy Virginia state senator in Bath County was just stabbed multiple times by his symbolic Gus Van Sant son who did the PSYCHO remake. In confirmation of the Portland, Oregon dude directing me in one of my upcoming dirty deed indie films, at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/virginia-state-senator-injured-in-home-another-person-found-dead-inside/2013/11/19/3e419ac4-512c-11e3-9fe0-fd2ca728e67c_story.html ~ ~ You direct me, I direct you in the right direction. ~ ~ Note how much Mr.Deeds looks like that mob underboss who is jerking off inside the nudie stall in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets BOONDOCK SAINTS. ~ ~ GSR\TWN/TWO ~ ~ MARK OF THE BEAST NOTES: Mark Chapman shot John [Lenin] three times in the back on Sammy Davis Jr's 55th birthday because that sidewalk Ch/harlot/te committed suicide by slamming on top of a 1960s Love Bug [BEATLE]. Per that book about the atheist Marxist devil being put right next to another book entitled YES I CAN in the spicy 1968 ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy. Since the MARK 13:14 namesake reference is a 'Marcato' thing. Which means 'marked' in Americano. And Mark was a crazy born again radical Christian from Barack Obama's state of Hawaii. Where he was born again with a new and improved 666 birth certificate. After he was first born in Ken/ya Africa. ~ ~ SEE: http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/11/obama-omits-under-god-from-president.html ~ ~ TRIUMPH OF THE WILL NOTES: Sammy Davis Jr's autobiography was all about the triumph of the will. ~ ~ STEVE JOBS NOTES: Lennon's hard ass fascistic WW II type Japanese wife invited the founder of APPLE to one of Sean's prophetic NYC birthday parties at the DAKOTAS. Because back then the computers were operated by 666 [chocolate] mouses, that would eventually bite them. ~ ~ WTF? You love the organic herbs scene, represented by Herbie The Love Bug. Yet you are also completely in love with today's plastic fantastic electronic machines. ~ ~ Represented by that realistic looking vibrating boner machine seen in the bathtub scene in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ BATH COUNTY NOTES: Right there are the Back Mountains landmark on your R/M atlas that are all about Mia Farrow's scratched back in ROSEMARY'S BABY. After she got her just deserts from that Chocolate Mountains rat face devil on Michael Savages' twin VO/VO yacht. ~ ~ Located on the north side of these prophetic landmarks is Highland County. ~ ~ RAT MAN NOTES: Sammy Davis Jr was a part of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas, Nevada; circa 1966. Ergo, Frank Sin/atra served Mia Farrow with divorce papers right before they were setting up to film the movie's painful kitchen scenes.

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