Tuesday, November 12, 2013


At 1:46... into ROSEMARY'S BABBY, Bibi Netanyahu is standing outside the phone booth in NYC as Rosemary desperately calls Dr.Hill about some satanic plot to sacrifice her baby on the alter of the desecrated Greek temple in Washington, DC. Then we immediately cut to the Obama taxi driver who is now at the wheel. Who takes her to the doctor of political science snake medicine who then betrays her, Harvard University style. ~ ~ The same mainstream religion looking mother fucker who promised to take her to "Mt Sinai" and everything will then be alright. ~ ~ No wonder Roman just turned 80, in confirmation of the film's 79ish Barack Obama cult leader named Roman. Not to mention today's 79ish Woody Allen, who also believes in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Therefore, when yours truly is fucking Sienna Miller below deck on Michael Savage's 51ish twin VOLVO, we see that Obama is up on deck at the wheel, and his Abraham Lincoln hero from Illinois is presiding over things down below. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That is Gordon B Hinckley who drives Rosemary away from Dr. Hill's future Obamacare offices. ~ ~ PS CHRIS MATTHEWS: "I PRAY that he puts up a fight..." [SMOKIN' ACES] Per: http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/11/matthews-obama-should-form-gang-attack-birthers.html ~ ~ SMOKIN' ACES NOTES: We see that RLDS UFO icon hovering above at 9:43... when the old man cuts the grand opening yellow ribbon for the king. ~ ~ MAMMA MIA NOTES: Here is one of Sienna's better Mia Farrow looks, complete with freckles, at: http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/images/bigimages/sienna_miller_car_2_big.jpg ~ ~ The prophetic surname Farrow being a secret hidden ISAIAH 49 FFing [SCRABBLE] word-code for 'F arrow'. No wonder she reminds me of my oh-so-delicate sickly ex-wife. ~ ~ PS KK: Sienna is not a part of any deal, nor are the Olsen twins. ~ ~ Cara Delevigne maybe. Maybe even Miley Cyrus. You would have to ask them. Whatever, it would probably be ok with me. ~ ~ In my world, nobody on my side has a gun to their head. Whereas everybody on the other side who is currently opposed to me gets to do anything that I want them to do; if it serves my purposes. ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: You are pushing 70 something for God's sake; so what comes next? You buy me one of Jerry Seinfeld's restored 1972ish ALFAs? Or you just lay there in your prophetic BUBBA HO-TEP rest home hospital bed and sulk? Meanwhile, that satanic right-wing 79ish Michael Savage figure on talk radio is out on the west coast fucking two Rachel Wood hotties at the same time. ~ ~ What? You don't like any of those 29 year-old looking babes who love to hang out at the PLAYBOY mansion in LA? Hoping to hook up with some older looking 39ish dude who is a billionaire?

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