Wednesday, November 13, 2013


That is the Catholic raised David Lynch standing on Michael Savage's off-shore talk radio yacht at exactly 47:00:00 minutes into ROSEMARY'S BABY; physically transfigured of course. Where only biased [Catholic] Christians who believe that the Book of Mormon was dictated by the devil are allowed onboard. ~ ~ Therefore, that Christian Republican's doctor son died at 52 in a fiery plane crash outside of I-44 Tulsa, Oklahoma. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of that Christian Church of England going up in flames in the 1966 made movie. ~ ~ Just because you are so small minded that you only believe in the 66 books of the Bible, it does not mean that the devil believes in you. Since probably the two best devil movies that were ever made were made by David Lynch. And that's no small boast. ~ ~ These being a confirmation of the prophetic 52 PICK UP themes in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRICE INCREASE NOTICE: In confirmation of the proverbial Jewish-banker Feds' illegal funny money activities, designed to prop up and save the half Jewish abomination of desolation homosexual in MARK 13:14 etc. that they voted for twice. My own private Picasso art price just went up from $104,000,000 to $142,000,000 and change. Based on the sale of Mr. Bacon's inspired three woes piece about the marred servant in the Book of Mormon, seen at: ~ ~ The name Lucian means enlightened. As in Lucifer is/was a fallen bright light bulb figure. ~ ~ TREMORS NOTES: I wasn't going to say anything, but there was a second 3-way 2.9 orgasm quake in Ramon, California; for that first one that happened when I posted my last rammin' porn clip, per: ~ ~ Just south of there is Barry Lyndon's Dublin. And the area's Walnut Creek landmark represents the clip's nuts shots. Not to mention the nearby Crow Canyon reference to Sienna Miller's famous black crow dress appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival off Rt.111. ~ ~ Ergo, the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy begins with a 11:10 time-stamp. Wherein the stiff necked Israel gets it's heart cut out when the two plugs of Judah and Ephraim are pulled. And Scarlett Johansson would never be the same again after her husband pulled the plug on their marriage. ~ ~ ROMAN CHURCH NOTES: That small sealed book in ROSEMARY'S BABY is the same sealed book section mentioned in the BOOK OF MORMON; which is the little bitter sweet book mentioned in REV.10. ~ ~ You don't know Jack about the devil until you have read and studied the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ HE'S A DREAM NOTES: Last nigh I dreamed that a 29ish Jennifer Aniston had obviously pulled the plug on her engagement to JT. And then she was having a ball dating some cute blond blue-eyed 6'5" college basketball star on the UW HUSKIES team up in Seattle, of all places. Could have something to do with all those fancy dime millionaire 51' yachts anchored just outside the sports arena on Union Bay. [Jenny was wearing Lady Gaga style 5" platform shoes in my repeated over-and-over dream just so that she didn't look ridiculously short standing next to him.] ~ ~ You guessed it. Her new fun loving younger-looking boyfriend kind of looked like a Nazi. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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