Monday, November 18, 2013


When somebody out there secretly buys me my cash money car, you will see that it's all over. Which has nothing to do per se with me having fun driving around in my restored $9,000 ALFA from Italy, while fucking two teenagers at a time on board Michael Savage's VO/VO in San Marin, California, like at: ~ ~ Where all of the divorced five-cent millionaire swinger bachelors now have gray hair. ~ ~ Think Keira Knightley looks like my married 1980s star wife in EATING RAOUL. While Leo and I go down on a cheese plate of smoked sockeye with a smokey $100 chard. And I am talking about that younger Don Juan latino dude in the above indie movie; not that older gay ass white guy. ~ ~ Don't forget now. There's the IRS gift tax liability cost, the first year's minimum $2,400 crazy-old-sports-car insurance; plus tax and license, and maintenance too, yada yada. ~ ~ Not to mention the day 1290 price of a gallon of gas. ~ ~ Oh yeah, you're gonna pay me what you owe me one way or the other. ~ ~ Ironically, the iconic prophetic car sign will probably come from one of my older buddies who can barely afford it. ~ ~ Given the cheap ass historic reputation of today's multimillionaire half Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G6 NOTES: On the other hand, I can always count on Michael Douglas, of course, the classic half Jew Hollywood exception. Who doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, after all the fuck-you money that he has made. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson meets Bruce Willis because all those fat Jew pig film bankers in NYC never return their phone calls. ~ ~ DIRTY DIAPER NOTES: In the ROSEMARY'S BABY dirty diapers prophecy, Rosemary wipes off the baby diaper shit after she was served that French director's chocolate Obama mousse desert. That she deserved because she had voted for the chocolate Barack Obama two times in the future. ~ ~ Then comes the devil.

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