Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I finally got around to watching my used $2 copy of BROKEN FLOWERS. Which was about how Bill Murray had let down so many beautiful daughters of Israel in his life, because he does not believe in the Biblical principle of plural marriage. ~ ~ Just like today's RLDS Clyde Lewis type Mormons who are now based in SLC, Utah meets Portland, Oregon. Where Bill once bought that minor league team called THE BEAVERS; and yours truly was married to Laurence Pierson, and living way down in Holliday on Far Down Ave. In a split-level 1970s house that reeked of dog pee, from the previous owners. And the odd looking big tree out in our front yard was dying for some reason. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' NOTES: That fake 174th smoking tatas image of Kate Holmes is confirmation of the transfigured photos of the 666 mob boss at about 8:27 on my SMOKIN' ACES DVD. ~ ~ In the Obama law school transsexual scene where Ben's lying boys flash both 4 fingers and 6 fingers, it means the Jesus was crucified on 4.6. ~ ~ That double 3.7 quake in West Chicago was for Christopher Wright graduating from Northwestern with a rolled-up piece of paper law diploma stuck up his ass. Same goes for my Buddy Israel buddy Kenny Kemp; who graduated from BYU's law school in the upper third. Which was a prophetic representation of the coming three thirds breakup of America in REV.16. Due in large part to today's stuck up lawyers. ~ ~ "You can tell how evil a country is by how many lawyers it has..." [Brigham Young] ~ ~ NEW WORLD ORDER GOOGLE NOTES: Those 4-story barges being built by GOOGLE are Divinely inspired symbols of the latter-day Noah's Ark themes on my blogsot web site. To be seen and understood more fully in the upcoming Noah's Ark movie staring Emma Watson and Rush Crowe. See: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20131105/DA9SH8000.html ~ ~ [Think Dr Savage says it's ok if I stay in his twin 51' VOLVO for a few months, while things settle down; just as long as he too gets a healthy piece of the action.] ~ ~ BROKEN FLOWERS NOTES: Of course, that is a naked Miley Cyrus prophecy in the above 2003 made movie. ~ ~ And those black dog niggers who live right next door to him are his beloved slaves. Who pretty much have the run of his future deluxe suburban limestone colored house. ~ ~ WOODY NOTES: The liberal media film critics are saying that BLUE JASMINE is a great movie. But I doubt that it is any better than that classic PLAY IT AGAIN SAM prophecy about Michael Savage; who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And eventually moved to the Bay Area with the original movie in the back of his mind. ~ ~ So who is more original and funny? Michael Savage or Woody Allen? In my mind, it's a toss up. ~ ~ 1970s LOVE BOAT NOTES: The basic concept behind taking over Michael Savages' Bay Area moored boat for free, is that we get to quickly pilot it out into those unprotected international waters in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy. Where I can finally fuck those two underaged virgins, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld, and nobody can stop me. Because the world is now being run by some mysterious east African born pirate named Barack Obama. And just you try and stop me.

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