Sunday, November 10, 2013


I AM is not flashing that SMOKIN' ACES joker card now. With friends like Barack Obama, who needs enemies? ~ ~ Fucking A man; If not for him, you would have never believed that white people are superior to black people. And that black people need and deserve just as much money and respect as the white people. ~ ~ Bet you didn't see that one coming. Says my crazy ass skinny $6M man-child in the above movie. ~ ~ Hence, now there have been six 'TREMORS' around Reno, Texas, that represent the 06 Reno area prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein we see the multiple layers of Obama's fabricated birth certificate at about 9:00 on my DVD copy. And then we cut to the "internal slip-up" part where they forgot to flatten the computer file's 8-layers fabrication from Hawaii. Which everybody in the new and improved 666 mob beast, left and right, has sworn to remain silent about; if that is what it takes to keep LBJ's 19666s psychedelic Great Society alive. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE MARK OF THE BEAST NOTES: In SMOKIN' ACES, the Lamanite animal figure chews off his 666 fingerprints. ~ ~ My Justin Beiber boy figure in SMOKIN' ACES licks that black and white ice-cream sandwich for a prophecy about when there would be a black and white [zebra] mulatto in the White House. In the context of the scene's filthy used REV.12 bath waters. I.e. the 06 picture's Ms Watters figure; just confirmed by Miley's new bath shower pix. ~ ~ NEWS NOTES: The radical right-wing fringe media is reporting that there are hundreds of missing anti-aircraft shoulder-held missiles now in the hands of the false prophet's followers. ~ ~ That 35 year-old bitch was mauled to death by a wildcat in Oregon in confirmation of the "LYNX SUITE" scenes in SMOKIN' ACES. Think I-35 Texas was were JFK was assassinated some fifty years ago by some crazy ass deer hunter. Say what you will about the short darker skinned devil in the BOOK OF MORMON. There will always be a place in this life for him in the larger scheme of things. ~ ~ FLIRTY FISHING NOTES: The 1972ish ALFA ROMEO fast life concept of FFing also includes homogaysexuality. BFD, your Mormon missionary companion sucked you off in the shower, only a couple times. That does not mean that you have to live the rest of your life as a queer.

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