Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Another 7 niggers got shot at a barbeque in East Oakland Monday, and of course, nobody is talking. ~ ~ Think Palermo, Italy, circa 2013. ~ ~ Or maybe this is the real reason why Nelson Mandela is not able to talk right now in princess Charlize' South African PLANET OF THE APES meets the MAD MAX remake. Where even the good men, both black and white, are afraid to speak up, as mentioned in the opening scenario of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Which comes to an end with the words of that prophetic phony tough guy, Geraldo Rivera, i.e. "no comment" ~ ~ So now those filthy rich two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim need to move on, and let the stronger and much younger men take over. ~ ~ You think I AM is kidding? How about my black MiB sidekick in a classic 1970s Mormon missionary suit, who has no birth certificate or Social Security number, even the one in today's Casa Blanca, just pulled the US embassy out of the Vatican. ~ ~ Right after that old mother fucker who lives there said that the world stock markets are run by the Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ THINKING MAN'S NOTES: That deadly supermarket roof collapse in Eastern Europe was about that dumb fuck Eastern European juice man in SMOKIN' ACES; with the Nazi clown haircut. Because he was introduced right after we see yours truly looking up at the roof. "Some things just don't wash out..." As in Washhoe County, Nevada, yada yada. "Man I'm tired of being right all the time!!" [ACE VENTURA:PET DETECTIVE] ~ ~ Ergo, my dying father's last lamenting words to me were, "... You always have to be right..." ~ ~ Which was pretty much the last thing that the devout Catholic El Wood said to me. Before she left me and left town in 06, and moved on down to Austin, Texas with her short-sighted [Nicole Kidman] Irish leprechaun husband. Who was obviously pre-featured in all those inspired visionary LEPRECHAUN movies. That were originally kicked off by the rather short Jennifer Anniston in the Dakotas. ~ ~ BFD CHRIS WOOD: Who gives a fuck if I get to fuck your overweight Jessica Simpsom forerunner wife from Dallas in a fair trade deal; wherein you get to fuck Ariana Grande and Ariana Fresh. I have a more long term look at things, and you should too. ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Some crazy skinny white country music speed-freak addict surnamed 'McVay' was just arrested in White City, Oregon for trying to blow up a corrupt Barack Obama court house in Med/ford. Because right there are all those Crater Lake National Park A-bomb prophecies about Iran. ~ ~ Just south of there is Sheriff Joe's Phoenix landmark, north of Talent. God this is getting to be as tiresome as some egomaniac's three hour movie. ~ ~ ON THE MONEY NOTES: No need to worry about the upcoming international funny money collapse. Just keep the bulk of your silly girlEGY deposits in the BANK OF CANADA for now. Except for the 10% in hard gold that you owe me. That is what my wife Evangeline Lilly is doing right now, if that matters. Not to mention Ellen Page. ~ ~ AP NEWS NOTES: Like I give a fuck if Obama kills a couple billion kids around the world with his officially sanctioned Iranian atomic bombs. Just because that crazy Karate Kid in Newtown, Conn shot a couple dozen virgin kids, and their crazy pushy cat school teachers. ~ ~ You try it, you get it. ~ ~ TERRY McKNIGHT NOTES: Guess that all of my Lincoln log cabin three-way love shack arrangements have already been made for me just a few blocks up the street from the EGYPTIAN in Park City. ~ ~ Therefore, look for me standing out in front of the theater hoping to get three extra free tickets. ~ ~ Looking like the stuck up half Jewish Jerry Seignfeld, circa 1986 in Century City, LA. Who already had about two million dollars in the bank.

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