Monday, August 5, 2013


I went back to PISTOL ANNIE'S KING OF CALIFORNIA pawn shop and grabbed their used two bucks copy of 2004's DODGEBALL prophecy; which had been giving me the eye for the past few weeks, at places like GOODWILL, TARGET, and WAL*MART, etc. etc. at: ~ ~ Never have seen it, could be the real deal. ~ ~ Just as long as the liberal Jews are the most predatory animals in the jungle. And the more white neo con conservative Ephraimites are more straight shooting, but less wise. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MENTALLY ILL NOTES: Florida finally excited some mentally ill murderer who killed those people way back in the swinging 70s. Because the sons of Israel are too spiritually ill to follow the revealed word of God in D&C 76, etc. ~ ~ BB NOTES: That back porch backdoor bell at the surprise birthday party at the end of WHAT ABOUT BOB? represents the historic Liberty Bell in Michael Medved's 1776 Philadelphia, PA. [His lovely wife is a rather successful psychologist; who specializes in marriage therapy for orthodox Jewish women.] ~ ~ CHARLIE'S ANGELS NOTES: Charlize showed up in Rome right when I was starting to review TO ROME WITH LOVE. Because Cameron Diaz is starting to think that; if Charlie likes to fuck Greg, then maybe I would also have a lot of fun fucking Greg too, at the same time. ~ ~ WOOD MAN NOTES: The only problem with TO ROME WITH LOVE is the film's old fashion ideas about Christian monogamist style homogaysexuality. Hopefully, before it's all over, my indie film idol will get to make the ultimate fuck movie that he was born to make. It wouldn't hurt the box office of course if Ellen Page was cast as one of the leading ladies who sucks my cock on my 91' yacht cruise around Sicily and Greece. ~ ~ I was thinking more Bertolucci on this one. But he might be the better choice for my more sophisticated SHAMPOO farce remake. Since some movie about Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld fucking and sucking some born again Orson Welles paper back novelist would require more of a comedic touch of evil. ~ ~ Relax everybody, when Mel calls you and says that the contract-with-check-enclosed is in the registered mail, then you can start to get all worked up about it.

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