Thursday, August 29, 2013


THE LIFE AQUATIC interns on my boat, cruising off the coast of [Italy for Africa] in 2004 meets 2013, don't really need any money from me. When the time has come when the film's "LO...ST" stars of Israel are trapped in the frozen ice at about 38:... minutes on the DVD. And that old Jewish man in the prophecy's opening scenario would be wearing the plaid golfing pants that represent Larry David golfing on the back 9 on Martha's Vineyard d with the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ You make fun of the simple minded white people on late night call-in radio, they hate you. Because right after the phony global warming scene, shot at 5.6, the film says, "NEXT, A STRANGE VISITOR" who is the stranger in 2013 named Barack Obama. Even that same Muslim figure who we see in the sub's portal window right after seeing that black Negro fish swimming with the angel fish at 1:46:... Just after the 666 OCTOPUSSY squirts out her black newspaper printer's ink. And then Mr.Z looks at the film's Sandy beach figure in a way that tells us what a slow turtle she has been. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ QUEER HELLENIC NOTES: Yours truly mentions the future "closet queer" of America, circa 2008, at 1:15:45ish on my DVD. And then we cut to that Greek head statue seen behind Anjelica Huston. ~ ~ COED CODE NOTES: According to all THE LIFE AQUATIC's documentary films for the past 9 years, if you suck my Chimney Rock cock, you get an A+. And if you chicken out and don't do it, you get an incomplete no credit 'I' grade. ~ ~ BILL MURRAY BACKGROUND CHARACTER NOTES: God inspired Bill Murray to always be FFing 15ish teenagers in Thailand etc. in order that his ugly aging overweight Catholic wife would finally set him free. So that he could then start making movies like LOST IN TRANSLATION; where yours truly gets to lay in bed with some hot young beautiful women like Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Moretz et al. Hence, Murray was divorced on the June 13th birthday of the 16 year-old looking Olsen twins in 2008 because they both look so much like his 3-way love interest in THE LIFE AQUATIC.

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