Monday, August 26, 2013


The tall Jewish John Kerry is just about crazy enough to finally come around and believe in the two witnesses prophecy in the Bible. Per that 'old man' looking Larry David figure in the opening scenario of THE LIFE AQUATIC. Who I tell to just go ahead and make his signature forgery on Barack Obama's multiple birth certificates, at that high society fund raiser for born-again democratic fascism. ~ ~ JK's old ugly sick wife is a rich bitch who was raised by maids; and all that shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCKING WITH YOUR HEAD NOTES: There was a very peculiar 2.9 jolt of RED BULL juice around the hills of Meat Camp, North Carolina just before this happened, at: ~ ~ Right there is Blowing Rock, Deep Gap, and Boone. ~ ~ HALF GAY NOTES: In THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy, both the tall Steven Fresh and I were co-husbands who were married to the same wives. Which is kind of gay if you think about it. ~ ~ Kind of like me ending up fucking Bruce Willis's ex-wife, and him getting to fuck one of my own ex-wives of equal value. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Your father's converted whale-boat hunter's sailboat was a SAILOR DOG prophecy. In confirmation of the president of Syria being a SEARS TOWER, Chicago style eye doctor, much like you. And Mel Gibson too, the apostate gospel of Paul Christian in D&C 76. And alder wood is the best wood for smoking salmon and trout. Therefore, he got to keep his prophetic 50' yacht tied up on an old sinking water-logged dock that no one gave a shit about; right next to the UW's showboat theater in THE LIFE AQUATIC. ~ ~ Remember, when we caught 42 black bullhead catfish at WOLF MARINA. Using the future illegal corn bait from a can from Iowa that would eventually allow us both to catch all those hot nigger bitches by the toe.

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