Friday, August 16, 2013


Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse, it turns out that I am the prophetic inspiration from God behind the iconic tree stump sculpture at: AND: ~ ~ I mean think about it, all you simple minded people. People who have written numerous highly respected college text books on computer graphics etc. are declaring without any professional reservations whatsoever that Obama's fake Christian born-again birth certificate is a blatant fabrication. And nobody in the Jewish homosexual media is reporting it. ~ ~ Therefore, you think like a half-Jew half-nigger from Mercer Island's look alike African continent, you bitches get my sidekick niggers up your ass in spades. ~ ~ Note that Auguste Rod-in's famous STEALING BEAUTY art work depicts yours truly sitting on top of a tree stump looking stone, for an August 2013 Bonney Lake, Washington time-line. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DUMB ASS SIMPLE MINDS NOTES: Those five cast-members of the gay ass Christian mormon TEXAS musical died in a fiery collision with that 18-wheel semi at the Dumas, Texas exit. These five being the five foolish virgins in the latter-day saints prophecy. Who are forced to remain outside the walls of the New Jeruslam. Because they need to experience such a horrible violent death, before they can rise up and become born again at the start of the millennial Kingdom of God; per the revealed Word at, and elsewhere. ~ ~ RIGHT WING MILITIA NOTES: Long time TWNers know that I have always been a big supporter of America's Christian conservative military. The same military who is now trying to protect the persecuted Christians in Egypt, etc. etc. ~ ~ FOUR PAIRS OF RIGHT-WINGERS, AND FOUR RIGHT-WING NIGGERS, MIX IT UP IN LONDON WITH THE TWO DOUBLE BARREL 12 GAGE SHOTGUNS OF JUDAH AND EPHRAIM, NOTES: I'll try to look at it again tonight and get back with you.

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