Saturday, August 24, 2013


The phony African mask legacy of MLK JR is going to die along with all those darkies who worship the 666 beast and the false prophet in REV.16, and hate Israel. Hence, the conviction of the Fort Hood, Texas killer right before all those hoodie covered niggers showed up in DC on Saturday. The only reason in the world why someone would wear a hoodie in the heat of summer is because they are trying to hide their face. ~ ~ Think THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy meets the prophecy in MARK 13:14; about praying to God that you are not going to die during SUPER BOWL winter season time; spiritually speaking. ~ ~ So let me break it down for all you late night radio talk show listeners, many of whom are black people who are always up at that time of the night anyway, like me, enjoying listening to the simple minded white people/farmers talking about their desperate hopes and fears. ~ ~ I AM the only deal that you got on the table now. ~ ~ Because the prophetic northern ten tribes high shift capital of Syria is a word play that includes the words; dam, damn, ass, mask, us, etc. And the invasion of the apes prophecy in EZE.38 is about Israel, not Judah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROMAN POPE NOTES: The breaking news flashes about the Pope leaving the Catholic church, because God said so, was just the latest confirmation that Mel Gibson is now the new POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. And not that old weak man from Argentina who apparently has some sort of same-sex attraction issues. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night, I kept waking up, trying to image that I was rowing around Bonney Lake, Washington with Ellen Page and Keira Knightley on Ken McLeod's classic 12' wooden rowboat on King Lake. Because KK was staying at my lakeside bed and breakfast there, while filming that Seattle movie with Chloe Moretz. When we were all sipping on fume blanc while nibbling on smoked Copper River, Alaska sockeye. And I imagined that if I gently put down the oars, and my fly rod, and started to slowly straddle Ellen Page on the middle seat of the boat, it might entice Keira to get in the mood and join us, like at:

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