Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last night in prayer, Jesus indicated that my next project should be KING OF CALIFORNIA, which I have yet to see, and would be available for two bucks at PISTOL ANNIE'S. Probably because COSTCO is a Seattle based 666 membership ID card concept that was conceived by Bernie's Jew boy when I was living in Bellevue during the Branch Davidian Ronald McDonald Reaganite 80s. And I was hanging out at his beach house near [Richard] Burton, Maury Island. Where my step father Les Winn had moved to after my FFing missionary move to Siena, Italia. ~ ~ Yes, IT'S ALL TRUE! The rather tall-in-the-saddle Ronald Reagan was a handsome dude who was a worldly wise Hollywood Jew compromiser. [Think Abraham Lincoln.] ~ ~ No wonder yours truly is such a big supporter of Mr Weiner, et al. ~ ~ What? You have a problem with fucking at least six hot sexy young women at the same time? No wonder that crazy Jewish stalker was acting so weird in front of Anderson Cooper's converted fire station house in the GHOST BUSTERS movies. [The guy does look as white as a ghost.] The same one that we see when crazy Bob arrives at Lake Winni, NH. Because the locals call it 'Lake Winni' for short. ~ ~ GSR/WINN ~ ~ SHADOW NOTES: Here is a look at my future invisible GSR/TWN shadow figure who is currently driving the shadowy Chinatown type Jews insane, at: ~ ~ Note that Dr Jew looks just like a blown-up cartoon character when he arrives at his surprise fake birth certificate blow-up party. ~ ~ WEST VIRGINIA NOTES: I was watching WHAT ABOUT BOB? again when that rare July 20th earthquake happened again near Stumptown, Burnt House, and Smithville, in John Denver's West Virginia, at:§ion=5-News&item=Glenville-Area-Rattled-by-Another-Minor-Earthquake11029 ~ ~ COSTCO NOTES: One can see my future teenage Ellen Page look alike wife, who I love to fuck, in this 07 art film picture, at: ~ ~ Who has to play my royal daughter of Israel [beard] in the picture; because most of today's apostate Christian mormon conservatives in Utah and Texas are huge supporters of modern day apostate Israel. ~ ~ You think that's crazy? Ms Wood looks just like a 29ish Gwyneth Paltrow on the DVD case art. ~ ~ COLD NOTES: Russia just dissed Obama because he is a well known illegal alien half Jew homosexual sex pervert. Plus, it didn't help that the same Jewish neo con half Republicans at FOX et al are still trying to protect him and his red capitalist cronies. Many of whom are also Jewish. [Think Glenn Beck meets Michael Savage.]

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