Wednesday, August 14, 2013


At the end of the above 1986 Reaganite movie, Ferris Bueller suggests that you "...look around..." a little bit more, and see what you are missing. ~ ~ For example; Oprah's encounter at a high end, high shift, bag shop in German Switzerland was confirmation of that German car explosion on Highland in L.A. The one where we saw that Orthodox Jew trying to put out the future EZE.38 fire with his pathetic little garden hose. ~ ~ This being the song in the above movie about seeing the great city tumble down in the two witnesses earthquake in REV.11. ~ ~ You believe that Jesus was a crazy Batman joker sidekick, the July 20 joke is on you. ~ ~ Contrary to what today's simple minded arrogant Jews might want you to believe, the German Nazis actually had an amazingly sophisticated sense of humor. [The Jews, short and tall, pretty much own the comedy racket.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.11 SODOM AND EGYPT NOTES: Everything that happens in the old Egypt is about what is going to happen in the new Egypt of the New Jerusalem of the BOOK OF MORMON in the New World. There is no future for apostate Christianity, or any of her false prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, unless they repent. ~ ~

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