Sunday, August 25, 2013


According to the modern pop culture revelations at, all those Christian conservative Mormons and Protestants who only believe in the things of the spirit will be sent to a place of the spirit. Where the physical touch is not exactly allowed, if you know what I mean. And therefore those heavenly sun dried wrinkled olives from North Africa are not even on the antipasto menu. ~ ~ No wonder that I AM doesn't want to have anything to do with that kind of simple minded second class existence. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHAT THE FUCK NOTES: I found 2010's MACHETE in WAL*MART's $5 close-out bin Sunday. Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ Which is ultimately about that [CNN] "white Latino" who gunned down that prowling black nigger down in Florida, because he had it coming in spades. ~ ~ You mess with the half Spanish Mexican/Indian bull in the Book of Mormon, you get the horns, etc. etc. ~ ~ And I AM talking about Elizabeth Hurley's British East India, and not America. Where the 15 year-old hotties who cost about 15 bucks a night do not look like cheap hookers with too much eye mask era. ~ ~ TLA NOTES: At the end of 2004's THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy, we can not see THE INVISIBLE MAN in his empty chair. ~ ~ MORE ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Jerry Seinfeld is going to buy me a secret boat house on the beach full of classic wood rowboats in East Hampton; where I can easily take the ferry over to Taylor Swift's shag pad and hook up with Emma Watson et al. Because when I moved down to Portland in 1981 to try and be a father to my two lost sons of Israel, I was renting a white house on Taylor [Swift's] Ferry Road. Plus, I get the keys to one of his restored mint condition 1974 ALFA ROMEO VELOCEs, just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ HERE COMES MILEY NOTES: Ms Montana showed up at today's MTV awards show wearing my GLOCK 9MM pistol rhinestones thigh strap, at; ~ ~ You are a completely crazy simple minded Christian conservative type if you do not believe that she is going to co-finance my next contrived fuck-film love-boat paperback novel plot documentary; set off the Italian Riviera, co-starring Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman; role playing some kind of a dual pregnant baby-boy composite-figure like Cate Blanchett does in the original. Plus, when you put up the hard cash money for such a crazy idea, you pretty much get to fuck whoever you want on the picture. As long as you give me the last-cut rights. Crazy in the head, great in bed.

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