Saturday, August 17, 2013


NOTE: No.9 stares at the extreme blowup of Barack Obama's 9-layer birth certificate creation in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF at 57:57 minutes; after that School of Prophets feet washing portrait about swearing to only accept the truth. Then we cut to the proverbial "gay sailor" pride parade shot of Obama. For a prophetic confirmation of today's homosexualized navy of the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ NOTE: Note the tall German Hebrew lady marching in front, after the squirrels hut float. For those 440 illegal alien squirrels that were run through a sausage meat grinder by a couple employees at KLM Holland. ~ ~ NOTE: That honored VIP guest at the high shift parade who looks like BiBi is wearing the light blue color of the Israeli flag. We see a light blue German VW RABBIT at the curb when we see the 7.20 school bus ending. Where the German Jew, Ed, the red head Levite, is limping along with a chewed foot. ~ ~ His famous mud foot scene was just confirmed by those two big mud slides across Rt.24 in Obama's Colorado; 24 being the symbolic number of leadership in the arts. Right there is the U.S. Air Force Academy, etc. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris flashes his palms in the opening act that represent the 666 mark of the beast in the hand in REV.13. Hence, all the high tech 666 toys that make the sounds of a human in his bedroom; which he shares with the fake disguised Barack Obama figure. ~ ~ NOTE: That is my ex-wife Laurence wearing a green sweater, at 32:32, who walks by the guy collecting money for Ferris in a PEPSI can; for those who think young. Then a smiling Miley Cyrus appears and drops a coin in it; probably a 1992 quarter. Earlier, I had talked to Ellen Page on the school pay-phone; the future high school age star of HARD CANDY, for a quick 'ciao bella'. ~ ~ GSR/TWN.

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