Sunday, August 18, 2013


Larry David's double 9 round of golf with Barack Obama was probably the prophetic result of that scene in CURB no.9 where Larry gets invited to play golf with the jerk from NBC at a Greek restaurant. Because the famous liberal Jew had misplaced his wife's medicine wheelchair cure for her skin condition at the joint with a symbolic alien number $20 bill. And then he runs into the usual Oprah type high-shift Switzerland bag shop nightmare with some well to do Negro skin doctor. ~ ~ Ergo, the 9th pre-Obama episode begins with Larry David on the phone with Richard Lewis, saying "Let's pretend we're blind..." to Barack Obama's proven birth certificate forgery, and his lack of US citizenship, etc. etc. Just because they are liberal Jews who believe in reformed third-way socialism, which is lawless fascism. And they still seem to get a big kick out of double-crossing white people. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FIRESTORM NOTES: That wildfire raging around my own private Sun Valley, Idaho is an Ernest Hemmingway thing. ~ ~ NEW READERS: Larry David's miraculous SIGN/FELD sitcom ran for 9 seasons on NBC; produced inside of the network's stage no.9. The number 9 being symbolic of the end of things in the cinematic arts, going back to the 1930s. ~ ~ "It's over." [Ferris Bueller]

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