Thursday, August 8, 2013


The future Dr.Evil look alike owner of the WASHINGTON POST, from Washington, is why an UPS delivery man named Fat Bastard shows up at the end of AP:II, carrying a big .44 that represents the time when No.44 will be taking over the White House in Washington, DC. Thereby extorting gazillions of dollars from the citizens of America. ~ ~ NOTE: At about 39:... minutes on the AP:II DVD, we see Obama's Hawaiian lair volcano erupt in juxtaposition to the continent of Africa on Dr.Evil's black globe that stands for THE PLANET OF THE APES. When Dr.Evil makes an NBA giants basket with the giant black globe, we see No.2 crying, [51:29 minutes]. Then the prophetic movie cuts to a shot of London's giant cuckoo clock. ~ ~ NOTE: At 1:29... minutes, we see a black Obama figure walk by in the background when Woody is looking up at that huge BOB'S BIG BOY prick in the sky. Then we cut to a homogaysexual Scottie appearing on that Jewish talk show for Nazis and Klansmen; role played by a short Jewish actor named Seth Green. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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