Saturday, August 3, 2013


That thieving Jewish bitch named 'Larson' who represents today's cunt who is running down the NYT's bank account, was attacked by the two gentile coon muggers of Judah and Ephraim for a double confirmation of the network tv director/producer Negro in WHAT ABOUT BOB? Who brings the two sides together for a fireplace chat meeting of the minds. ~ ~ "Ya follow?" Says the one mighty and strong in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Who represents today's D&C 85 fakers and religious con artists who are still hiding out in Utah's red rock country. [Think Bob Red Ford meets Paul New Man.] ~ ~ Therefore, that mental ward in WHAT ABOUT BOB? that resembles the desecrated White House temple of the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE CRAZY WHAT ABOUT BOB? NOTES: Bob works at home on his computer desk; where he punches his time-stamp card at the beginning of the 1991 movie. Several years before anyone ever heard about me. ~ ~ People shout "Free!!" all throughout the prophetic two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim movie. ~ ~ Note the night time shouting scenes. BOB standing in for the future Internet B.B. poster shouter, etc. ~ ~ Hence at 1:26:40 minutes into the above DVD, little Siggy tells his mom that no one saw what was coming. ~ ~ Leo finally snaps out of it, and jumps free of his FDR wheelchair, when he sees me getting sealed to Ornella Fresh up in the seven hills of Mel Gibson's church in Malibu. ~ ~ That ugly Jew stump removal bomb being made out of black [nigger] powder of course. [My sidekick nigger in KING OF CALIFORNIA was the 'God Key' that allowed me to find the gold.] ~ ~ That timely 4.5 caliber earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea west of Eureka, California was about the mighty "Eureka!!" line in KING OF CALIFORNIA. Right there is the King Mountain Range, and the ominous Rainbow Ridge reference to Capetown, South Africa. ~ ~ When the motorcycle cop is giving Dr Jew a ticket for being such a crazy liberal in WHAT ABOUT BOB? he sees yours truly go by. Recognizing him from all those crazy Jewish produced TV shows that have been so obsessed with me. ~ ~ CASE FILES: Here is the main reason why my sidekick Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and the sneaky as a fox Jews at the ADL etc. are lying about it, at: ~ ~ By the Power of Jesus, Mr Fox was born on May Day; the official day of the International Socialist Workers movement; which is fascism. According to: ~ ~ Note the enclosed file's information about his long standing support for REV.9 style homosexual parading, etc. ~ ~ WARNING: The cold war between TIME WARNER and CBS is about the latter's becoming just a little bit too chummy with yours truly. Think Jay Leno meets Richard Burton in West Germany becomes just like the former East Germany; but the beer halls are much more friendly and laid back this time around. ~ ~ So see this new [dark ops] file report for some between-the-lines background intelligence information, at: ~ ~ MICROFILM SPY PLOTS: See this 1961ish spy show image of the strange micro film reel conspiracy plot at: ~ ~ SHAMPOO REMAKE NOTES: Here is a new still from the set of my upcoming fuck film remake of SHAMPOO, at:

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