Friday, August 16, 2013


NOTE: Indian medicine wheel icons are everywhere in FERRIS [wheel] BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Such as the bicycle art when Ferris gets into the shower with that 666 REV.13:1 sea bass hairdo of the European democratic fascist beast. That has now taken over the USA. ~ ~ NOTE: "I knew it!!" shouts Jeanie when she sees that Obama is a fake laying in Ferris' bed. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris plays Woody Allen's clarinet at about 10:35 in the 1986 movie. Where we see the little brown Barack Obama devil figure placed below the two witnesses radio in his room. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris' sick at heart friend named Cameron is introduced as an Egyptian mummy laying in captivity; next to a sparking Frankenstein monster electro energizer. The room's temple veil curtains represent today's desecrated temple. Meanwhile, Ferris is sipping on Rush Limbaugh's TWO IF BY TEA beside his pool. And the Hawaiian music of the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Chicago is playing over the scene. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris' mother turns the crystal door knob to my bedroom before we see the 29ish physically transfigured images of me on the wall. And the US Constitution is hanging there by a thread construct. ~ ~ NOTE: When the kids drive downtown in Obama's red born-again 1961 birth certificate FERRARI, we see Hill/ary Clinton's ITALIAN VILLAGE sign, of the G7's seven hills beast in REV.17. Then we see that Barack Obama figure outside the garage hustling today's liberal newspapers; while those two jerks drive off in their red 'che bella' Benito Mussolini car. [Bueller gets all orgasmic when he first slips into the 5-speed stick shift beauty.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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