Friday, July 29, 2016


We see Barack Obama, the black national Muslim gentlemen, after they do iT in ALICE at about 1:14:06. ~ And then she asks her horn player lover, "Was I terrible?.." for voting for him. ~ And of course, if not for him, there could be no white Mr.Trump blond man opposite to him at the Casa Blanca  in a thousand years. ~ Thank you Lord Jesus. ~ Next, I AM is sitting in front of Alice at her writers workshop. ~ Where we see Van Brooks himself talking about one hearing voices in the mind. ~ Think I'll have another Scotch on the rocks. ~  GSR/TWN ~ UNCONVENTIONAL NOTES: On the same day Trump gave his acceptance speech near Rock Creek, Ohio, a black Democrat Party news anchor/operator from Conyears, Georgia slipped on a rock and went over the 160' Rainbow Falls in Republican held Transylvania County, North Carolina. ~ According to: ~ Providentially speaking, it happed one day before her 25th FREAKY FRIDAY birthday. ~ During the DNC convention, one of Tarzan's angry elephants threw a rock into the zoo crowd and killed a little girl near Casablanca. ~ Per that glass elephant with the raised trumpet trunk in ALICE. ~ Tarzan being a tall blond British man lost in the dangerous jungles of Africa, and all that shit, at: ~ PS BRADLY COOPER: After seeing you looking like a deer in the headlights at the DNC convention in your home town, I decided that I better squeeze in a first look at ALOHA ; as soon as I can. ~

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