Thursday, July 28, 2016


They just can't hack it. ~ That motherly bitch from hell in ROSEMARY'S BABY deleted 30,000 emails from her official US State Department email account in her basement, and Donald Trump is now the bad guy for even mentioning it. ~ Oh, and by the way; Barack Obama is not even a US Citizen. ~ Otherwise, he would not be using a dead man's Social Security number that even the mormon saturated FBI can not seem to find. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SCOTT FREE NOTES: My middle name is a latter day Scottish thing. ~ PS CAMILLE PAGLIA: Your career happened to blossom in 1776 town for Alice's older sister blossoming in Woody Allen's ALICE, after she relocated to Manhattan. ~ LINCOLN LIMO NOTES: Alice in wonderland rides around Chinatown, New York in the back of a Barack Obama LINCOLN limo in ALICE.

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