Friday, July 22, 2016


The Hwy.101 NASDAQ did +26.26 on the same day that Hillary chose her running mate with the biblical surname of a Marxist thief. ~ Hence his '0' rating from every conservative think tank out there. ~ Both being confirmed by that massive fire in Both/ell, Washington on Friday, at: ~ 26 being the official map line circumcision cut for that giant swampy alligator penis formed by the state of Florida. ~ And a little place called Sanderson is located up north next that swampy cut off cock sucker stump icon in Baker County. ~ President George Albert Smith's St.George, Geogia landmark is right there across the state line where one would cut the penis off completely, if necessary. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONNY: They probably called Mr.Trump 'Donny' too when he was a little boy. ~ Ergo, your  very successful born again, second time around, career at the big time casinos in 2020' VIVA LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ PS JIMMY: I command you in the name of the accuser to come out with a full endorsement of Donald Trump by 8.03. ~ HA HA HA HA HA... Let the shits and giggles begin!! ~ [Have not seen the show lately. Been kind of busy. Do you still have that fat greasy spick sidekick to cover your back? I always liked him.] ~ "I love the Mexican people!" Donald Trump. ~ Who employs thousands of them at his fancy hotel resorts and golf clubs. ~ Besides, you yourself look like you are at least half Mexican. ~ NEWER READERS: That is Jimmy Fallon trying not to laugh as the beast attacks him on the backside DVD artwork for NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. ~ OLDER READERS: This one is a must see again after Donald Trump is elected President in November, 2016, at: ~ AND: ~

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