Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Adolf Hitler knew that the marvelous beauty of western Europe's white people cities would last for a thousand years. ~ That is once and for all, all of the alien ideas of today's oddball Jews, queers, and niggers would be put on that limited train to nowhere in THE DARLING LIMITED [hard to pronounce] prophecy. ~ Which is why Wes Anderson made his above short film audition reel for me to consider hiring him as the director of LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ Using the top floor HOTEL RAFAEL setting in Paris for a 'Hotel Relf' reference. ~ [Relf means strong wolf in Normandy, France.]  ~ Therefore his short film has all of the inspired characteristics of my own prive 9 1/2 WEEKS sequel/prequel, at: ~ AND: ~ Note the 7:26 time-stamp on the last one. ~ Being extremely rich and famous does have it's privileges. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HISTORY NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Hitler was a short and strange looking man because so many of today's mixed race Jews are also short and strange looking. ~ Think Spike Lee meets Dustin Hoffman meets Ben Stiller meets Jason Schwartzma meets Tom Cruise; and you get the big picture. ~ PS BILL MURRAY: If those two old fucks don't feel right, or have the energy anymore, to do Paul Allen's medium priced $57,000,000 sequel to TAXI DRIVER,  directed by Martin Scorsese; how about me and you doing the project together? ~ Heck, we are both the same age, and we can get a different director for it if that is some kind of an - inside baseball - issue with you. ~ How about the way taller Paul Nestor?.. at half the price. ~ He is much younger, and more hungry for the job. ~ Fuck it. ~ Bring George Clooney into the picture somehow, whatever works. ~ Like they say in Hollywood, "Screenwriting is rewriting." ~ PS TRUMP: Whoever you pick for VP, make sure that he looks as marvelous and handsome as you do. ~ No kidding. ~ Probably the best free-of-charge campaign advice that I have to give you so far. ~ Think about it. ~ Hillary Clinton is an ugly old bitch who turns off white men. ~ You two rich guys are really a handsome looking older pair of trump winning cards who turn on the younger 29ish looking ladies. ~ "Do  I make you randy?.." Austin Powers. ~ MORE STRANGE JEWISH NOTES: This new report is about America's ongoing ugly liberal Jew problem, at: ~

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