Saturday, July 23, 2016


The dying DNC is holding it's conventional [old gray lady] funeral in the same place where they shot PHILADELPHIA's prophecy about the advent of Barack Obama's minions taking over a dying and played out America in DAN.9, at: ~ Yes mam. That is no.44 himself on the enclosed [1260 days] 1993 movie poster. ~ In other words, 6,666,666 Jews, homosexuals, and darkies died at the hand of the first [sands of Israel] 666 beast, because at least 66.6% of today's third-way [sands of Israel] Jews always robotically vote Democrat. ~ Especially the short ones with brown eyes and dark brown died balding hair. ~ And this shit has to stop happening; or else. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OLDER READER NOTES: Here are a few more must-see-again movies that take place in November; after Donny Trump is elected President. ~ Personally, I would start with, ~ Then I might look at, ~ Probably because I look so damn marvelous, and quite fuckable to boot, in the physical transfiguration movie that came out in 1996. ~ CHARIOTS OF FIRE was an OLYMPICS 2016 thing, at: ~ If you can find the time. Take a closer look at this one. ~ See if you can spot that Mitt Romney look alike OLYMPIA BEER, Washington State Hwy.101 forerunner Greek frat house brother. ~ Like they like to say where I live, "It's the water." Damn straight. ~ [They drink cans of OLYMPIA's lucky golden horseshoe logo beer in the SHAMPOO orgy party prophecy about me fucking Miley Cyrus at the PLAYBOY vampire castle, circa 2017.] ~ TWO THIRDS VOTE NOTES: The holy city in REV.16 is going to break up into three parts. ~

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