Wednesday, July 6, 2016


That Chinese fireworks barge exploded on the 4th of July in the gay Cape Cod Bay area next to the REV.13:1 White Horse Prophecy landmark called White Horse Beach; located at the end T-bone junction to Hwy.44, south of Kingston. ~ For Mr.Golden himself stepping on a bomb by the look alike Plymouth Rock rocks at: ~ AND: ~ Note the royal Jacob's Pillow Stone symbolism under the Jewish kid's head; the traditional genealogy tree of Israel lodged hard against the unmovable Central Park boulder Rock of Christ metaphor. ~ This is some pretty good shit if you ask me. ~ GSR/TWN ~
TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Howard Road is a main drag in the Rochester, NY suburb of Gates, where those niggers rioted inside the local WALMART. ~ The news reports don't mention that most of the black folks were just grabbing shit and heading for the exits. ~ KNOW NOTHING NOTES: This report sheads a bright light on the reasons why the FBI is looking the other way regarding Obama's fraudulent birth documents being posted on an official government web site, at: ~ If you dare read it, just substitute the word 'book' with the words 'birth certificate'. ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: Mr.Comey's legal fictions about Hillary not being guilty of voluntarily deleting any emails on her private server that would be relevant to his phoney baloney show-case, is what the dark comedy called HAIL, CAESAR is all about. ~ Not to mention STARBUCKS MEMORIES' pay-phone scene. ~ And yes, that is the FBI director's real born name in real life. ~

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